[Fanfic] The Shaving Moment (Resident Evil)

Title: The Shaving Moment
Author: Anna&Kit2000
Fandom: Resident Evil series.
Pairing: Leon/Claire.
Genre: Romance/Family.
Rating: T+
Status: Complete
Disclamer: We don’t own Resident Evil.
Summary: “Let me do it”, she whispered enthusiastically. Her eyes sparkled in anticipation. He chuckled in response and gave the sharp razor to her in a confident movement.
Placement: Only after our permission

This fanfic is dedicated to :icongwendoline-bones: :heart: And actually, it’s a collaboration with her. We wrote the text, she made a very beautiful comics, that can be found here [link] :iconluvluvplz: Thank you so much, honey! :iconpyongiluplz:



The Shaving Moment


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