Hakuouki musical *_*

We did not like Japanese musicals. But the musical that made ​​for Hakuouki we  loved sincerely *_*

Very well-chosen actors cast. Beautiful songs. Spectator fights scenes and interesting dances.

We are in admiration and deeply impressed by this magnificent Musical. ^_______^




One thought on “Hakuouki musical *_*

  1. Followed one of your links and end up watching 2 videos… It looked good… less the singing and dancing part. I can’t help but burst out laughing (in a bad way) a couple of times. Seems like the actors’ voices are average too. However, that one that surprised me was Tsuzuru. When I first saw her in a scene talking, I was like errrr… but then I she started to sing later on. She’s a good singer… maybe the best one out of the lot too.

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