A Wish Upon a Star (Collar x Malice – Fanfiction)


A wonderful and a talented CG artist made this beautiful illustration for our fanfic “A Wish Upon a Star” based on otome-game “Collar x Malice”. We can’t express our gratitude and impressions for getting this awesome gift! Thank you very much, dear Daria GIFT! You are amazing!

A Wish Upon a Star

By: Kit2000andAnna
Summary: When their eyes met for a brief moment between ardent kisses, Ichika’s face turned red instantly, and her cute reaction added more sparks to the already burning fire in Okazaki’s special mood.

Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance – Ichika H., Okazaki K. – Words: 818

Read here at Fanfiction.net. or read here at AO3