Otomate in Nintendo Switch!

Otome Kitten

000cap0OMG! guise! Otoge fans! Switch owners! Rejoice! It’s finally happening!! ADHAJHDKJSH!!

Today, Otomate just announced that they will be advancing in their collaboration with Nintendo Switch and will be releasing 12 Otome game titles for the Switch Port.

Don’t  believe it? Here’s a link of their original announcement!
I’m so happy I could cry! nyanimage07e

Below are the list of games they will be releasing for the Nintendo Switch:

Four Games are expected to release this year (2018):

  • Hakuoki Shinkai: Fuukaden (September 6, 2018)
  • Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~ (September 13, 2018)
  • Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Irodori Nadeshiko (2018)
  • Cendrillon palikA (2018)

The rest does not have a specific release date (year) yet but let’s hope for the best!


Right now, these titles are only confirmed to release in Japan and neither Idea Factory International nor Aksys Games (who’s know for localizing most of Otomate’s titles) haven’t confirmed whether…

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