When I Kissed the Teacher (7’Scarlet Fanfiction)

A wonderful and a talented CG artist made this beautiful double-illustration for our fanfic “When I Kissed the Teacher” based on otome-game “7’Scarlet“. We can’t express our gratitude and impressions for getting this awesome gift! Thank you very much, dear The Fantasy World of Daria GIFT! You are trully amazing!

🌸[FANFIC]🌸 When I Kissed the Teacher 

By: Kit2000andAnna 
Summary: A 7’Scarlet Fanfic. Ever since a new History teacher appeared in our University, I have lost my peace. And his name was Yatsukami Hanate. The moment I heard his name, my eyes filled with tears and my heart ached in my chest. It felt as if I knew him from somewhere. Hanate/Ichiko pairing . The art by Daria GIFT
Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance/Suspense – Words: 7,671


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