Nyan Love is going to have an English release this coming October! (Nintendo Switch)

Otome Kitten


Today OperaHouse has released a port of the game, Nyan Love or “Kitty Love” – (English title still unconfirmed) for the Nintendo Switch. The game is currently available (downloadable content) in Nintendo Eshop Japan.

STORY (translated from Google Play Japan):
You work at a flower shop and you spend everyday working hard at your job.
Then one night, in the park you always go to, there is an odd-eyed black cat. It curses you so that only at night-time you get turned into a cat.
There is only one way to break the curse.

―A kiss from the person you truly love.
In order to break the curse, everyday as a human, and every night as a cat, you put forth all your efforts.

Although, this game is only available in Japan for now, it is confirmed that it will eventually have its english release soon this coming October. (Source)

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