The Czech Christmas Adventures (Yuuri!! on Ice – fanfic)

Fanfiction By: Kit2000
Cover Image By: Kiki Black
Summary: Victor was bored and he decided to take his two friends to visit Prague during Christmas celebrations, where they shared their funny moments, some fights and challenges. (A collaboration with Kristinochka. The cover image belongs to her)
Rated: Fiction T – English Humor – Yuri K., Victor N., Yuri P. – Words: 5,324

The Czech Christmas Adventures


Japanese people in Belarussian Marsh!


Japanese people in Belarussian Marsh!

” And now,  aim over that  fat duck in the sky ( said in instructive tone )

* in the background *

” I’m certainly not very happy to be here with you , Kazama -san , but can you explain me … how did we get here ? ? ?

“Teleportation * sigh * , Saito,  what got into you that you grabbed my sleeve when I was about to effectively disappear? …

*Saito O_O *

” You wanted to escape to Polessie ? So know that my samurai spirit will find you anywhere!

*Chikage laughs  ominously *

” If being stuck in this swampy wilderness, then only together! The more – the merrier~

* at this time *

– And so with an accurate motion you release the string – and the arrow flies straight into the target! Did you remember, dear tourists and guests of the Belarusian land ?

* Chicage and Saito think together *

“Why is Seiya here? Doeas he work on a contracted here? ? ?” o_O

This photo-session has been made by us.