GAKUEN K V EDITION (PSVita) Extra story Munakata Reisi

Let’s start. So, this cute scene happened in the extra episode from Vita Edition.

Munakata and Saya live together as a very innocent engaged couple. We do remeber that in the main story Munakata gave her a ring and told her that they would hold the wedding ceremony soon. Because it is needed since they live together XD And we RESPECT him SO MUCH for that! ❤

Okay, the event starts when Munakata came home veeeery late at night after work. And to his great unexpectedness he found Saya waiting for him. He asked her why she wasn’t asleep, and she answered that she was waiting for his return. She cooked lots of food and wanted to feed him, because she knew he would be hungry after all the work. Anyway, he was very touched by her concern and care.

He ate everything she cooked and it made him so pleased. He praised her wonderful cooking skills and when he got a sherbet for a dessert, Munakata lost his gift of speech. The lenses of his glasses reflected the light of the lamp, as his face was unreadable during the silent moment of staring at the beautifully served sherbet.

“You made this sherbet for me?”

“Yes! I know you like sweets, Reisi-san. So how is it?”

Munakata oh so carefully put a piece of the sweet dessert into his mouth and lost his gift of speech for the second time XD

When he gained it back, he cleared his throat and spoke.

“It’s very delicious, Saya-kun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. But you didn’t have to stay awake till so late only to welcome me back from work. But i have to admit, it makes me a happy man. Thank you.”

Saya got embarrassed but she was very happy to hear his words. It was the best reward to her.

In several days they decided to go on a date. While walking down the street, the couple heard a child’s cry. Munakata, as a responsible man as he was, decided to find the source of the problem and help the poor thing. But the very poor thing freaked out from the look of a stoic uncle in glasses XDDD The boy started to cry even louder and called for his mother and father.

“Mama, papa! Please save me! I am so scared of this uncle!!!! TT_TT”

Munakata sweatdropped and told Saya that he tried his best but there was nothing else he could do to help this kid.

Saya came to the lost boy and asked him in a gentle and friendly tone if he was lost and what his name was. The kid calmed down a little when the cute onee-san started to talk to him and answered her that his name was Reisi XDDDDDDDD


Munakata sweatdropped again.

“Really? That’s a very nice and manly name, Reisi-kun. This man has the same name as you.”

“Is that true?” the kid arched his brow in suspicion.

And Munakata took a step forward and proclaimed that his name was Munakata Reisi and together with Saya-kun they would find his parents.

And they did. After everything was settled, the couple returned to their appartment.

Saya was still beaming. She liked the idea that they could help the kid. And Munakata…he watched her carefully with a thoughtful expression on his face. The entire situation made him realize something very important.

“Saya-kun, you were magneficent back there! And you treat kids very well. I am sure you will be a wonderful mother. And I am 100% sure that our kids will be as beautiful as you are.”

That speech made great effect on Saya. She didn’t know what to say, and when she was about to emit a sound, Munakata’s phone rang and he said that he had to answer the call. Unexpectedly, he returned very quickly. =)

The next morning, Munakata invited his beloved fiancée for a walk. While they were walking down the street, Saya heard strange sounds that reminded of the thud of hoofs. Then she noticed Fushimi-kun riding a carriage. HAHAHA! And his expression wasn’t the happiest.

“Oya! Fushimi-kun, you are just in time,” Munakata greeted his subordinate and recieved a famous tsk in return.

“I understand that you wanted to make it special and all, but why the carriage?!” Fushimi wasn’t in the best mood, and it was obvious that he didn’t like the idea of being a coachman XD

“Did you say anything, Fushimi-kun?” Munakata said in a serious yet teasing voice, which made Fushimi jerk and shake his head.

“Oya! We have to hurry or we will be late! Hurry up Fushimi-kun! We can’t be late!~”

“U-underst-ooood…” was the reply through gritted teeth.

The whole time Saya was in great mute astonishment.

Then we see the wedding CG, where Munakata tells Saya, that he was dreaming of this day. The event with the lost child helped him to think everything over again and make the wedding preparations faster that he planned (Ahem….really? It seems, that Fushimi was the one who did all the preparations during a single night, thanks to that phone-call XDD)

“You are so stunning beautiful in this wedding dress, Saya.”

“Huh?” Did Reisi-san called her by her given name just now?

“Heh, yes. You are right. I will be callig my adorable wife Saya from now on. And you should call me by my name too. Let’s try.”

Saya gulped. She couldn’t get used to the idea of calling this man that informal. But he was looking at her with so much gentleness and expectation.

“I am happy to become your wife, Reisi……………………..san”.

He laughed sonorously.

“No-no, dear. That’s not good. But we will practise later. We have plenty of time. And I really want to see our children in the near future~”

She was embarrassed but happy beyond words. This man was a real pillar of support to her.

This moment was interrupted by an annoyed voice.

“Captain, how long are we going to stand here by the doors?”

“Ah, Fushimi-kun, be more patient. It’s Saya’s and my wedding after all!” Then he shifted his gaze on Saya and whispered with a smile. “Let’s go towards our bright future, Saya!”

And she nodded eagerly.

Fushimi drag himself along to their bright future too. He still couldn’t understand what he was doing here from all the people of Scepter 4 XD

Awww….we just love this extra story. Everyone was so cool! ❤

Haha, poor Fushimi. We bet he will be babysitting Munakata’s kids too XD


GAKUEN K V EDITION (PSVita) Extra story Fushimi Saruhiko

So, this cute scene happened in the extra episode from Vita Edition. Saya and Saruhiko moved to an apartment to live together. As we know, Saya was originally from another city, so in order to keep her all to himself, Fushimi suggested renting an apartment. And they did it.
When they moved, Saya got all excited about buying a kotatsu table, but Fushimi wasn’t all that happy about it. BECAUSE the rent was expensive and kotatsu wasn’t cheap too >_< But after all he said that even if they were going to end up being beggars, they would buy that kotatsu no matter what XD And he went to the store. What wound’t you do for the beloved girl? Hehe

After all said and done, Saya was beaming and thanking Fushimi-kun for everything he did for her.

When they shared a dinner sitting at kotatsu, Fushimi thanked Saya for the delicious meal and offered to go to sleep, since he was tired after the kotatsu event XD he told Saya to take futon and he would find a place to sleep somewhere else. They still hadn’t unpacked their boxes and bags.

And so, the CG event begings ^_____________^

Saya was fast asleep when she unexpectedly felt someone’s presence behind her. That “presence” hugged her from behind and started to mumble something in their sleep. Saya got all agitated. Her cheeks started to burn like fire, because she knew who her night guest was XDDDD She called his name (well, last name if to be exact. For some unknown reason she keeps on calling him Fushimi-kun XDD While he calls her Saya). And the guy opened his eyes. Wow! Those eyes were without glasses *////*

“Indeed. It’s warmer here by your side than under kotatsu” */////////*

Saya gulped. She asked why he came to her futon, but Fushimi just tsked and answered that it wasn’t comfortable to sleep on a hard floor, so he decided to combine the pleasurable with healthful and went to her side under her blanket XDDDD

After a little chat Saya told him that she likes him a lot, and Saruhiko answered that he loved her. For that Fushimi’s lips curved a little and he said in a very serious tone that from now on he would work hard and do whatever it takes to support and provide comfort to her, because she was the dearest person to him.

GAKUEN K V EDITION (PSVita) Extra story Yatogami Kuroh

Let’s start. So, this cute scene happened in the extra episode from Vita Edition.

Kuroh and Saya are a couple in love. They are so cute together

The episode starts when Kuroh comes to Saya’s room and they cook together. They decided to go on a date and have a picnic. After they finished the preparations, they headed to the amusement park. Kuroh was as a real gentleman while courting his fiancée (we all remember that he gave her a ring in the main story) and showing her lots of interesting and beautiful places.

When they were about to have a picnic Kuroh’s phone rang and he answered the call. It was Shiro and Neko speaking in the same receiver XD They asked where he was and Kuroh (oh, Kuroh…you are too innocent!) told them that he and Saya were having a date at the amusement park. Hearing that, both Neko and Shiro got excited and assured Kuroh that they were already on their way to him XDDDD (really, it seems that they can’t live without him ^^’’ )

The next scene shows us the CG where Kuroh, Saya, Shiro and Neko are having a picnic. Shiro and Neko are very noisy since they can’t stop praising the delicious meal Kuroh cooked. But Kuroh said that it wasn’t just him, who prepared everything. Saya helped to cook too. And the praisings didn’t end all XD

The atmosphere was very lively and friendly. It felt like sharing a dinner with a family. Though….Saya couldn’t spend more time with Kuroh alone. But she didn’t mind, since she liked the bond of friendship they all shared.

GAKUEN K V EDITION (PSVita) Extra story Totsuka Tatara

Let’s start. So, this cute scene happened in the extra episode from Vita Edition.

After unpacking lots of boxes in his new apartment, Saya and Tatara found his video camera and an old omamori (amulet) . Totsuka got all nostalgic about that omamori and then he suggested going to the temple in the far away forest to get another new one =) He said that it had saved his life lots of times in the past. Okay. we believe you, Totsuka XD

By the way, the couple doesn’t live together XD It seems that only Totsuka changed his place of living XDD

Early in the morning the couple in love headed to the forest in order to find that shrine. The road was very exhausting but fun. The guy got distracted easily by the birds and their singing. He tried his best to film all the birds in the forest, which freaked Saya out because he did it in extreme way by climbing tall trees and risking his life by doing so XD

Only by the time of amber sunset they made it to the shrine XD For that Totsuka said in a carefree tone that they could spend the night there if it was needed. Saya wasn’t that enthusiastic about the idea, but she just smiled hopelessly XD

They got the new pair of omamori and shared a very beautiful conversation.

“I…I’m really looking forward to have our wedding in this shrine.”

Saya’s face enlightened with a nice surprise.

“A..a wedding?”

“Haha, why are you so surprised? Of course, we have to wait a little but marrying you is my main goal.”

*г* why is he so cute? *п*

“Let’s make a promise to come back here again and fulfill our dreams.”

For which Saya beamed and said ‘yes!’

GAKUEN K V EDITION (PSVita) Extra story Kusanagi Izumo

Let’s start. So, this cute scene happened in the extra episode from Vita Edition.

Kusanagi and Saya live together as a couple in love. One day Kusanagi came late after work and Saya was already fast asleep. She woke up but was so sleepy that they couldn’t have a good chat. Kusanagi wanted to tell her something important but decided to give her a needed rest and just smiled. He kissed her and after taking a quick shower joined her in the warm bed.

Soon enough, Izumo, as a serious man as he was, asked Saya a great and very important question every man had to ask in his life.

So, when they were sharing a good cocktail at his bar, he suddenly looked at her with a serious expression on his handsome face.

“Do you want to have a real wedding?”

HAHAHA! It’s interesting…what kind of answer did he plan to get? XD

“O-ofcourse!!!!” Saya cried in joy.

After some period of time we see the CG scene. Saya is beaming while holding Izumo by his elbow. The Homra guys are cheering for them like there was no tomorrow. Yata cried in excitement:

“Kusanagi-san! You are such a REAL man!!!!!”

“Congrats to the newly-weds!”

“Wishing lots of happiness and kids!~~” yeah, that was Totsuka XD

Kusanagi just smiled.

“Yes, I am a real married man now. Saya, you are so beautiful in this wedding dress!”

“^____^” of course she is beautiful!

He promised to make her life wonderful.

And so their married life began, hohoho!

HOMRA will help them to be happy, we are sure XD

GAKUEN K V EDITION (PSVita) Extra story Yata Misaki

Let’s start. So, this cute scene happened in the extra episode from Vita Edition.

Yata and Saya are a couple now. So, they walked down the school yard and suddenly Fushimi showed up in their way. He started to tease Misaki and got the positive result, since Yata got all fired up and aggravated. He barked at Fushimi like he always did. Both guys summoned their battle mode and Yata was about to punch Fushimi with all his pleasure, but Saruhiko turned on his slyness and took Saya hostage. XD
“So, what are you going to do now, Mi~Sa~Ki~~~~?” XDDDDDDDDDDDD
“You bastard! Let Saya go! Do you hear me?!”
But Saya gestured Yata to calm down and prepare for the attack. She decided to use her powers to reset Fushimi’s powers. And she was about to do it in order to let Misaki get the advantage of the situation and beat Fushimi up, but suddenly Fushimi’s cell phone rang and he had to answer the call. After he finished the short chat, he let go of Saya and headed in another direction.
Yata shouted at him that they hadn’t finished their business yet, but Fushimi just tsked and said he had no time to chill out with such losers. He was a respected student and had more important bussiness to attend. XD

Those words put Yata in rage, but Saya calmed him down. After Fushimi walked away, Yata hugged Saya and told her that he was sorry for not being able to protect her. He put her in danger and was afraid that she could have gotten injured. but Saya assured him that everything was fine. He hugged her even tighter and promised her that he would become a real man for her and would protect her no matter what. He loved her so much and she was his only one. He wanted to be with her forever.

Saya anwered that she liked him as well with a beautiful smile on her face…and hugged him back.