Kalafina- Heavenly Blue (Aldnoah. Zero OP)


It’s ben a while since we heard a really good and dinamic music. The last one we listened to was Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny OSTs (2002). And yesterday we found that kind of music that brings thrills, that makes you get enveloped with inspiration. And the interesting fact is that the composer of that music is the one who composed lots of soundtracks for Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny. Yuki Kajiura  is the producer of KALAFINA girls band, she is the one who gives her music that unique taste.

By the way, the anime Aldnoah. Zero is a good one, but it has the saddest end we have ever seen! O_O But OSTs are awesome!


Hakuouki musical *_*

We did not like Japanese musicals. But the musical that made ​​for Hakuouki we  loved sincerely *_*

Very well-chosen actors cast. Beautiful songs. Spectator fights scenes and interesting dances.

We are in admiration and deeply impressed by this magnificent Musical. ^_______^



Nightwish love =)

We have always loved this song, but only now we did see the music video XD
What can we say? We were impressed! Not by the movie, for which this song has been sung as a main OST. But by the man who sang the song ROFL!!!! Bwahahahaha! We fell in love with him dearly and trully, madly, deeply XDDDDD At first, it was his beard with those curly strands hahahahah! And his good-looking, straight and shiny hair *_* Any girl envies him, we are sure. :iconfoxgigglesplz: But then! Then we noticed his attitude! Just look how distant he looks *_* It’s a talent to act so indifferently while the scenes in the movie show tragic images (really, when that guy with earrings took out a knife, we really got scared for another blond man’s life :faint: ) but then the singer showed up with that aloof face of his. His expressions tells : “I don’t care. My song doesn’t concern them at all. I AM THE MAIN THEME HERE! And those people in the movie are just a random background in my music video” XDDDD And he continues his singing :rofl:!
Elfs in the forest, nothing more to say XDD Nightwish…you sure know how to make people believe that you are not from this world :XD:
But the song is great *v*

Another song that still inspires us to write! *_* It doesn’t matter what images we see while listening to the song: either fairy-tale-like or original-like, but the song finds the very spot in our hearts to make us inspired *_* :love:

Applause to Nightwish! :boogie: Thank you, guys, for your songs and awesome music videos! :rofl: