Shiritsu Beru Bara Gakuen ~Verusaiyu no Bara Re * imagination ~ 2019 for Nintendo Switch

Private Belle Rose Academy – Rose of Versailles Re * imagination


Happy International Literacy Day!


September 8 was proclaimed International Literacy Day by UNESCO on November 17, 1965.

It was first celebrated in 1966. Its aim is to highlight the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies.

On International Literacy Day each year, UNESCO reminds the international community of the status of literacy and adult learning globally. Celebrations take place around the world. ¬†(Wiki) ¬† ūüôā


Thor’s Blessing: The Married Valkyrie (eBook)


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Shall we date~ Lost Island !!!


Trendy concept of Resident Evil has already entered to the Otome game :hlop:

This is a depicting a thrilling romance game between the heroine of the story and her co-worker. A series of mysterious events in an isolated island… A death-defying escape from there…

The heroine are on an isolated island where she suppose to start her research but zombie roaming around trying to eat young beauty.  Lucky  for her  fate acquaints the girl with these courageous and fearless guys who will protect her from certain death.  :duel:And in the process of survival a beautiful young woman waiting stormy romance with a happy ending   :marry:  

You can download it here: