Gundam Seed Destiny ~ Shinn Asuka *v*


We love this character very much over the years  ❤

Witnessing his family’s death right before his eyes and seeing their mutilated and bloody corpses has had a traumatic effect on Shinn’s life. However, during flashbacks of his past he was shown to be a very cheerful and carefree person, showing how much he changes through this tragedy.

Since his family’s tragic death, Shinn has become impulsive, stubborn, hot tempered, and occasionally arrogant even to his superior officers. Shinn has also demonstrated to act on his personal feelings despite his common sense and this has also sometimes put him at odds with his superior officers. Nonetheless, Shinn has demonstrated to be a highly determined individual and is extremely dedicated to his role of ending conflicts and protecting innocent lives, so that they do not have to go through the same horrors that he had endured.

Shinn has a great deal of anger towards several major governments, organizations, and individuals that has been contributed due to many factors in his past and his time during war. His anger to these factors has demonstrated to be either negative or positive factors during varying moments of his life. He also has a deep hatred for war and those who cause it, as throughout the series he becomes frustrated at the prospect of war happening again and is visibly upset when it does. By the end of the second war, Shinn seems to have put most of his anger towards these factors behind him evidenced by joining Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala as an ally despite his previous conflict with them; showing great maturity as a character.

Despite all anger and sorrow, Shinn has shown to be a very kind and gentle person mainly to his two love interests in the series Lunamaria Hawke and Stella Loussier both of whom he is very protective of. He still deeply saddened by the world’s cruel actions and all the people that have died in his life; despite his conflicted emotions, he fights for wanting to change the world for the better. (Wikia)