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[eBook] Thor’s Blessing: The Married Valkyrie


Today is a happy day for us. We have finally made the first steps to become true authors.

Please, meet our first novel Thor’s Blessing: The Married Valkyrie in ePuB format, which can be read on any ePub reader. For the time being you can find it at MarketPlace.

Summary: Princess Sofia was born a Valkyrie, but she didn’t really know about it until a tragedy happened to her family. A wizard had killed Princess Sofia’s parents a week before her wedding to Prince Devon of Lygon Kingdom and forced her blood to boil in rage and despair. He was longing for the Valkyrie’s poisoned blood, but the great plan had failed as Sofia managed to escape and find her foremother, who was the legendary Queen of Valkyries.

25 years later a young Prince of a glorious Lygon Kingdom faced a hardship in his life. His fiancée had been kidnapped by the people from the Pestilential Lands. His father assured him that only Valkyries could help him to pass those dreadful lands and save his beloved maiden. And so, Prince Leonard set off for the Celestial Forest in search of the legendary warrioresses, not quite expecting to find his destiny and true love in the person of the Princess of Valkyries, who had once been engaged to his father.

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