Code:Realize ~Hakugin no Kiseki~: Special After Stories & Concluding Thoughts


After you finish all the other stories (aside from the Triangle Date scenarios), you unlock the Special After Stories. These take place following the after stories in the first FD. Since this will be my last post for the FD, I will include my Concluding Thoughts at the end.

Impey Barbicane (CV: Morikubo Shoutarou)

It’s been 3 days since Impey returned to the mansion. He’s busy doing final adjustments to the submarine in preparation for the World Fair. Cardia tells Saint that Impey should’ve returned yesterday morning, and he only sent her a really long letter. So she’s glad that the Count paid them a visit. He remarks that he doesn’t want to interrupt the newly-weds too often, but it would be nice to have everyone meet up again some time. As for the purpose of his visit, he received a reply from the government. It seems that Isaac…

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The Starry Night (Starry Sky ~in Spring~ – Fanfiction)

A wonderful and a talented CG artist made this beautiful illustration for our fanfic “The Starry Night” based on otome-game “Starry Sky ~in Spring~”. We can’t express our gratitude and impressions for getting this awesome gift! Thank you very much, dear Daria GIFT! You are amazing! You can visit her Twitter page here 

The Starry Night

By: Kit2000andAnna 
Summary: I approach the door silently and look into a crack, becoming a witness of the most heart-warming scene in the world. My dear husband is holding our five-months-old daughter in his arms and humming a gentle tune to her. Yoh/Tsukiko after-marriage fic! The art by Daria GIFT
Rated: Fiction T – English – Romance – [Yoh Tomoe/Tsukiko Yahisa] – Words: 1,061


Read at or read at AO3 with illustrations attached =)