New Otome Game Titles Coming to the West in 2020! (Nintendo Switch)

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New Otome Game Titles Coming to the West in 2020!

The wait is over ladies! As of today (July 5, 2019), Aksys Games confirmed several Otome titles that will grace the West in 2020 for the Nintendo Switch console.

During Aksys’ Anime Expo panel, the company who’s known to localize famous Otomate brand titles, have confirmed four games they’ll be bringing to the West in the next year.

Here’s a list of what we’ll have:

CODE REALIZE: Guardian of Rebirth and Future Blessings

cr boquetCode Realize: Guardian of Rebirth and it’s first fandisc, Code Realize: Future Blessings are finally getting a Nintendo Switch Port. First of all, I assumed they would just port the PS4 Game, Code Realize: Bouquet of Rainbows (which basically consist of the two games in a bundle), but sources tell me, it’s gonna be on separate cartridges (seems like it). The release date for Guardian of Rebirth will be on December 2019 while Future Blessings remains…

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