Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Abraham Van Helsing


Past the midway mark, and here is the after story for Abraham Van Helsing (CV: Suwabe Junichi). Enjoy!

Everything started from a single man’s “ideal”. Death, fear, despair. His life was twisted around by that man’s hands, whom found all the above more beautiful than anything else. His family was killed, and when he swore for revenge – even all of that was being manipulated. Just as that man wished, Abraham Van Helsing became a “monster” driven by revenge. As long as he had his revenge, he felt that he had no need for comrades, happiness, or even warmth from others. Especially not when he stole the happiness of the innocent vampires. Feeling that it was a appropriate punishment for him, he remained alone, unaware that this was Arester’s goal.

It was a single girl who saved him. Cardia, who was called a poisonous “monster” and forbidden to touch others, never left…

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Code:Realize ~Shukufuku no Mirai~: Extra Story ~Herlock Sholmes~


Taking a break from after stories to play the first of the routes for the side characters, Extra Story ~Herlock Sholmes~ (CV: Murakami Kazuya). This route continues from the first game‘s Prologue and Common Route. Also, I recommend having already gone through Van and Lupin’s routes from the first game. It will help you understand things better. Enjoy!

—-Humans are not lonely since birth. There’s no need to even question why. Father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, distant ancestors. Because it is impossible for a person to be alone……for an existence to be born without any connections to this world. And this is not restricted to only the moment you are born. Family, friends, comrades, coworkers. Humans can never stay disconnected for as long as they live. Yes……in other words, humans live by being connected. That’s why—-

—-that’s why. The fear experienced upon death is beautiful. How about trying to imagine it…

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